You were the pain so long

2 min readMay 4, 2022
Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

Was it a hole in her chest?
Diamonds were drowning with radiance floating in the whirl of her darkening eyes.
Swollen like an insecure mass, the hollow pupils opened up like a mouth that led me down the unsystematic process of her gruesome thought.
There was a constant flashback of many stolen glances, dug into the pathetic conscious of a black and white world.
The emotion slowly aloft the surface of that pale face.
How startling beautiful this glance could be when all the vulnerable strain tighten by the thin skin of a tough soul were now exposed to the world crowded with invading eyes?
Overflowing heat of emotion penetrated the endeavor of an overdosed mind, lingering around the limit of an overloaded smile.
The repetitive whispers from the corner of my fusing spine pulled my brain tightly into a scrambled paper. Chill rode down my throat as I engulfed the motto with the worst taste, thickened with numbness vibrating in my head.
Everything was coming back to me.
The cruel fate climbed down the hands, possessing only a bag of love.
The heart beating had stained the dress.
These dirty sins rode down her hair and spread across the floor.
She was no more, but her death was immortal.
The pain had been there for so long.
But you couldn’t see, you couldn’t feel.
Yet underneath that beautiful smile, those once held dear were grilled with steams of sorrowful confession that was not meant to be regretful.
“How unrecognizable this fate can be?
Does it belong to you or me?
Can you wake up and take me to bed again?
I’m bored staring at the open jaw on my bed’s roof, bedding no words to talk.
These breathless eyes are counting souvenirs in your fading presence.
I want to climb the ocean and swim in the sky.
Can you take me there?
Because I am sinking in this world you make for me.
Load the sin and screw it in the hole left cracking in my heart.
Fate and life belong to a different world.
If you don’t believe it, I will show it to you.”


Aspiring writer & digital artist. Write prose and embed emotion in between vividly dark beautiful lines. Finding ways to connect with the wounded hearts.