The War is here

2 min readDec 26, 2021

This prose was delivered during the Artists Against Tyranny online event on Dec 11th 2021 as a recorded poetry performance. This writing is inspired by the suffering of Myanmar people who got detained, tortured, displaced or affected by the war that is happening around the country. Despite all the struggle, we are still fighting on and holding on to our vision, staying united and undefeated.

Digital art by ZiZiWS

The sins of unsolved affairs engulfed the frail mortality and vandalized the roots where it all began.
The debris dressed up the corpses with the premature taste of death.
Blood thickening with tears, solidified the feeling neglected in the traumatized hearts.

In a rush of despair, time seemed to witness the subtle exchange of fragile glances.
For the courage you braced, you seem to forget childhood dreams were meant to be beautiful.
At the line you chose to cross, romanticizing a freedom with a fixated young heart, the paralytic scene spread cruelty with a cancerous touch.
Courage couldn’t promise your voice the blessing of victory
When the bomb fell and the trigger pulled,
You were finding answers to a vaporized existence at all the wrong places.

In the overboard,
Behind the bars, along the border, and these crowded camps,
We cuddled in shaven sorrow,
Feeling beaten down till the abusers savored through the crust of the soul,
Invading what was sensitive underneath the tough shell.

The wave of a new apocalypse was walking the stalk to destruction.
The smell of war settled in with the monsoon
To unleash its desire as a storm matured.

We only have faith to pull us through.
But I don’t want to give up when justice has not prevailed
Don’t want to give up when people are dying, yearning for a change.
My dear friend,
When your future is weaving on a blank canvas,
I promise we will light the path with our will,
Even in death,
Even in dreams.

Artists Against Tyranny is an art fundraising to support the people of Myanmar. If you are interested, do check out their Facebook page!


Aspiring writer & digital artist. Write prose and embed emotion in between vividly dark beautiful lines. Finding ways to connect with the wounded hearts.