The Sound of Quiet Death

“Next time I see you smile, will it be the last time…? ”

Photo by Abhay Vyas on Unsplash

We belonged to ashes and dusts;
Something worthless,
Yet lavish with traces that captured the unwritten moment of past.

I was born incomplete.
Someone who blindly followed spoken words,
And hid my desire behind every broken piece of shame,
But your existence drowsed my pain to slip away from reality.

Life spoke to me for the very first time,
Saying I had never been alone.

You, my reflection, was another person in disguised, but the role of yours was so marvelous
I drowned in peaceful contemplation.

Before the passages of several outstretched dreams,
Fate possessed the beauty of veiled cruelty.
Still I was rather content like a fool living through tragedy. Maybe I traded my sadness with you, but it was never meant to be a mistake.

Our trust now ran through depth of pain­-stricken steps. It cut deep through my vein, and I bled out a mess of scars on our line of hope.
Your blood stretched across the ground,
Feeding my movement with shiver.

While you failed to gasp for one more second of life,
I held back my breath to feel your suffocating pain of struggle.
Passion turned pale and frail, withering the strength of youth we preserved. Just to confirm we were still alive, it sold its strength to the weakest portion of my heart,
But I swallowed it and sent you away.

You looked back at me, smiling a goodbye, with glance that drifted away from my stare. I once thought I did it all for you, but now I realized I was wrong.
Your path had ceased and choked me with the same old pain.
With glance that drifted away from my stare,
You said “It’s alright.”

His words repeated in my head,
With a voice as clear as ever against the blurry memory. (CtA